what sequencer?

i'm in the market to buy a sequencer. The one that I think i like is Cakewalk Sonar 4 Studio. Does anybody use this? how is it ? anybody have any suggestions for a WINDOWS based sequencer?
although there are other things that i will want to use it for, here is exactly what I will want to do right off the bat:

I will first write my parts in sibelius 3 using VDL2 (2 instances) for percussion, and Garritan Personal Orchestra (2 instances) for winds all run through V-Stack. When the parts are finished I will save as midi and open in Cakewalk, where I will mix edit yada yada!! then export to audio and burn. So here's a big question: I know that Sonar 4 Studio will support VSTi's, but will I be able to run 4 VSTi's (2VDLs and 2 GPOs) in it at once? or will V-Stack have to come into play at this point as well? If Cakewalk can't do this, is there a sequencer that i should be looking that can?

this will all be done on a MusicXPC S2 upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM. That should be enough RAM right?

i think i'm really close to having it all in my head, but any help woud be appreciated!

I know a lot of you are Mac users so don't bash me to hard for being a PC guy!!

Although I have only read about EW Sym. Silver, I will say this: GPO is awesome. I think the products are very comparable to one another. anyone on here that has used both might be able to give you more specifics.


This isn't an answer to your question at all since I use Adobe Audition to do all of my mixing and editing, but I was curious to see what you think of GPO. I'm looking at GPO and the East West Symphonic Library Silver edition.
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