what sequencer?

i'm in the market to buy a sequencer. The one that I think i like is Cakewalk Sonar 4 Studio. Does anybody use this? how is it ? anybody have any suggestions for a WINDOWS based sequencer?
although there are other things that i will want to use it for, here is exactly what I will want to do right off the bat:

I will first write my parts in sibelius 3 using VDL2 (2 instances) for percussion, and Garritan Personal Orchestra (2 instances) for winds all run through V-Stack. When the parts are finished I will save as midi and open in Cakewalk, where I will mix edit yada yada!! then export to audio and burn. So here's a big question: I know that Sonar 4 Studio will support VSTi's, but will I be able to run 4 VSTi's (2VDLs and 2 GPOs) in it at once? or will V-Stack have to come into play at this point as well? If Cakewalk can't do this, is there a sequencer that i should be looking that can?

this will all be done on a MusicXPC S2 upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM. That should be enough RAM right?

i think i'm really close to having it all in my head, but any help woud be appreciated!

I know a lot of you are Mac users so don't bash me to hard for being a PC guy!!

This isn't an answer to your question at all since I use Adobe Audition to do all of my mixing and editing, but I was curious to see what you think of GPO. I'm looking at GPO and the East West Symphonic Library Silver edition.

Although I have only read about EW Sym. Silver, I will say this: GPO is awesome. I think the products are very comparable to one another. anyone on here that has used both might be able to give you more specifics.

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