Double Beat-Possible Bass problem

I don't have my music in front of me at the moment, but I believe that the part I am referring to is Part B in double beat.

In this part, it is when the snares start playing repeated RLRR paradiddles on the edge and the tenors are playing 22112211 SPOCKRIMSHOT 112211.

The bass part has 2 unison eighth notes, a unison quarter note, and then a 11223344 16th note run. I listened to a 2004 recording and instead of 2 unison 8th notes, it was 4 unison sixteenth notes and then the unison quarter note.

I know this is confusing but I did my best to describe it. Thanks.

I believe the part is 16th doubles.

I agree with Murray... that is at the beginning of "C". They probably just got borred with the unison eighth notes... lol.
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