help getting soundfonts on sibelius

i have diffrent sound fonts and i am trying to get them in sibelius. i got them to work in a diffrent program and i would like to get them on sibelius and it wont work. can anyone help me with this?
sibleius doesn't load soundfonts directly. You need to load soundfonts into a compatible soundcard (audigy), or audio application (reason, kompakt, etc), then have sibelius send it's midi output into that as a separate device.
ah.. i do have a soundblaster, its an audigy gamer. is there any other programs i can use along with an internal keyboard?

i am writing the percussion book for my next season and i wont have the money for virtual drunline until well after christmas.

also, should i jsut go and get VDL2? i have sibelius 2 and im going to stick wit h it for now, i diddnt like sibelius 3 to much more. is it compatible?

i apolagise there is no order to what i wrote and if i dont make sence im sorry. i am a math/visual arts major. haha
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