bass sounds with Sib 3

I just installed Sibelius 3 and everything seems to work great with VD.

The only thing, so far, that I can't figure out is the bass drum unison. Nothing on B4 will play. This was working fine before. Any ideas?
Midi pitch "B-4" has no sound mapped to it. Unisons on BassDrum are mapped to D#4 (right hand), and Dnatural4 (left hand). If you input these notes with your midi keyboard, you should see the large "unison" slash notation display on the B-line in Sibelius (even though the unisons aren't actually played in on the B pitch). Perhaps that's where you were going wrong.
Jim I am also having the same issue. VDL is working great as a whole. I am using the Keystation 49e to input notes. Everything in the bass patch works but unison hits. Also it appears that only the left hand unison strike gives me a visible stem. I am confused.
Click on House Style>Edit Noteheads and be sure the box for the bass unison noteheads has a check next to stems.

Are the unison's not playing back properly on either hand?

Check your sampler, assuming you're using one and be sure the notes didn't disappear somehow, then check to make sure that the same notehead isn't mapped to the same line.
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