Question about VD!!!!!!!!

Hi, i already have finale 2003 and i was interested in buying Virtual Drumline. But i am wondering would you have to buy Kompakt or any other sampling software? or could you just download one off the internet bc i am havign trouble just putting the sounds onto Finale by itself... Please Notify me as quick as possible!!
Thanks Ahead of Time!!!!
check out the FAQ section on tapspaces website. You will need a soundfont compatible sound card or a sequencing program.


I was wondering what if your computer already comes with a preinstall soundcard? Do I still need other soundbaster or etc.

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VDL:1 requires either a sampler program, like Kontakt, Kompakt, Reason or GigaStudio or a soundfont compatible sound card.

Check to see what kind of sound card your computer came with. If it is not a Creative Labs Soundblaster card and you can't load sounds into the sound card, you will need to purchase a new soundcard if you want to use the sf2 version of VDL:1.

VDL:2 will only load into the Kontakt Player that is included on the disc or the full version of Kontakt. A soundfont version is not being included with VDL:2.
Just to clarify, your soundcard will need to be capable of loading SOUNDFONTS (.sf2 files). If it isn't, many of the Creative Labs "soundblaster" series cards can do this.

Indeed VDL2 will NOT require a soundfont compatible soundcard as the sounds will be accessed directly within the Kontakt Player interface that the library comes in. It should work just fine with the soundcard you currently have assuming your other system requirements are met. For system requirements on VDL2, please visit:
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