I usually save my VD music as a midi, and then convert them to .wav files. But as I was listening to it, the snare track cut out for four measures near the end. It made a really wierd sound and then came back in again. I thought maybe it was the program that converted it, so I used a different one. Same prolem. So then I copied the snare measures that cut out in sibelius and pasted them in a fresh, new score. When I clicked the play button, there was no sound at all! and now, I can't get ANY of my scores to play. What's wrong?!
First, what setup are you using?

One of us can help out I'm sure, but it would help to knwo what programs and computer type you're using.
I'm using VD in bank 1 of my SB Live! card. I don't have a sampler. My default MIDI music playback defice is SB Live! Synth A (which is what triggers my vd sounds as well). I went into my device manager in sibelius and looked at Synth A. Vd was selected. I also looked at my default midi device and SW Synth was selected as well.
It's tough to tell what may have happened, but the first thing I would suggest is to REMOVE the VDL soundfont from your Soundblaster card. Restart your machine, then reload the soundfont into bank 1 of your soundcard. See if that yields any better results.

It would also be helpful to know which programs you're referring to since they may be contributing to the problem. To my knowledge, SBLive cards aren't particularly high-end audio devices, so there may be some cases where you're asking too much of it. Just a thought.
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