VD2 Demo?!?!

I have VD1 but have never actualley gotten it to work. VD2 sounds like it will be much easier to use, however before I make the plunge, I was wondering if Tapspace would release a demo, so that broke college kids like myself could try to get it working before actualley buying it. Just an idea.

Ryan Nestor
Capital Regiment 04
University of Kentucky

I've already vowed to Jim that when I get the beta version of VDL:2 that I'll send him demos to use the next day. So the answer....soon after a beta version is sent to test.

Unless Jim wants to post something before that that he's done.

What problems are you having with VDL:1? We may be able to get you running with that.
Audible demos of VDL2 will certainly be forthcoming. Demo versions of the actual sample player will not be possible unfortunately. The interface will be very similar to the Sibelius silver/gold Kontakt players that some users are familiar with, though it'll run completely independent from notation software.
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