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i don't currently have VDL but i was going to get it about amonth ago. i was reading what was required for the program and I rememebre seeing that you needed a notation program of some sort. i have written many cadences for my drumline and I would really like to see what they all would sound like. If anyone could give me any info. on what is required for VDL/VDL2 I would greatly appreciate it!

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You need a composition program, Finale and Sibelius are the most popular, a sampler program, like Kompakt, Kontakt, Reason or GigaStudio, or a Soundblaster sound card and VDL.

For VDL:2, you don't need a sampler program since it includes it's own program called Kontakt Player. If you choose to use a sampler program, the only one that will work is Kontakt. With VDL:2, you obviously still need a composition program. VDL:2 is requires more memory on your computer, 512 minimum, 1 gig preferred.

Of course, this is all answered in the FAQ section on the Tapspace site.
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