VDL2 Release Date

I know that it was announced that VDL2 would be released in early 2005. Do we have a solid date yet? I am getting anxious.

Alan Goff

It's being tested even as I type this (literally, I've got a piece playing). So hopefully the testing process won't take too long. Last I heard, Jim was hoping for end of February, but I don't know that status anymore.
Thanks for your excitement! We're also very eager to get the product completed and out in the world. Due to the very large nature of the Virtual Drumline 2 project, we can't yet give a firm ship date. Please know however that it is in major, full-swing production, and the library is cleaning up more and more each day. Testing is under way, and we hope to have a firm date for delivery before the close of February. We thank you for your excitement and patience in awaiting this revolutionary next step for Virtual Drumline. It'll definitely be worth the wait!

Hey! Jim

This is Elizabeth Ortiz. I was wondering how you get people to be bete tester for VDL2! Since I been trying to be one for a while now.

:D 8) :lol: :P [/i]
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