A recent problem with VD

Hey Everyone,

I bought Virtual Drumline towards the end of the summer...and got it working perfectly on my computer with Sibelius 2.1 and Kontakt. Last month I moved and we had to redo the whole hard-drive so I lost ALL of my files. I put all my software back on and everything, and all that is working is the Snare staff....the Bass, Tenor and Cymbals staffs do nothing but snare clicks...Whats am I doing wrong? I have Kontakt,Sibelius 2.1 and Maple MIDI...
Are you loading the instruments individually or are you using the preset?

If you're loading the sounds individually, make sure that you change the Omni setting to the proper channel. Usually it's 1 for snares, 2 for tenors, 3 for basses and 4 for cymbals.
I have the omni settings at 1,2,3,4 before...still getting snare clicks in the other staffs...
Are you hearing the sounds properly in Kontakt or are they not playing back properly there either?
Also be sure your channels are set properly in the Sibelius mixer (snares=1, tenors=2, etc), and that each staff is set to go to through maple. Midi Thru should be ";Checked"; in the devices window (in sibelius) as well.
Sounds play back fine in Kontakt...I think Maple might have something to do with it...All I do right now is turn it on and click "accept input from sequencer" and then I leave it running in the background...but I didn't have to do that before so I don't know if thats something that HAS to be running. I have the programs set up correctly, One thing im not sure of is am I suppose to be doing anything with the channels in Maple...
You shouldn't have to fuss with any of the channel settings in Maple. It still sounds to me like there may be a simple setting that was missed.

Sibelius Mixer: each track set to Maple as ";device";
Sibelius Mixer: each track set to correct midi channel
Kontakt: each instrument set to correct midi channel
Kontakt Setup: midi INput set to Maple

If you've absolutely run out of options, you can try using MidiYoke instead of Maple. It's pretty reliable, and you can download for free at http://www.midiox.com

If you decide to install MidiYoke BE SURE you are very careful in reading the step-by-step instructions. They offer some very helpful installation tutorials that should ensure success. Once it's installed, just be sure your settings in Sibelius and Kontakt reflect MidiYoke rather than Maple.
Thanks Jim, You've been very helpful! I will let you know what happens
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