Soundblaster Audigy 2 and Sib 3.1 (etc)

Jim/Adam, I just can't figure this out. Everything was working just fine. I was using the template and sounds were perfect. Then I had an IE and Outlook driver corrupted, had to have my computer sent to the shop to have it fixed. It was. . .but every percussion score I'd built is now back to playing piano sounds. I've tried everything! Or so I think.

To review. . .my SB Audigy board has two ICONs on the AudioHQ desktop. They are Device Controls and EAX Control Panel. I've downloaded every drive Creative had to offer.

Now, I've tried to understand (again) where I need to load the soundsets. I've tried to loaded them in the ";Sounds"; folder in Sibelius. It's in there with a whole bunch of other sound sets.

In my Devices (Playback Devices) in Sibelius, I have selected ";Yes"; for the SB Audigy 2 Synth A board only and have identified Virtual Drumline (in bank 1 of soundblaster card) under Soundset.

I have the ";bank"; selected in the Display area of the mixer AND have Bank High = 1, Program = 0, Channel = 1 for the snare voice.

What I cannot seem to do is go into the SoundFont Bank Manager to ";load"; the soundfont set into bank 001 of the Bank Configuration area. The ";files type"; at the bottom of the Open box (after selecting ";Load";) only allows for *.sf2 type of files. When I select ";all files"; in the drop down box (well in either case), it has me ";Look In"; System32 files. When I hunt for the soundset in Sibelius or on my ";Desktop"; where I also have it, it won't let me load it. It simply tells me ";Load The SoundFont File Failed.

Again, I'm stumped.

Can you help?

Steve : :shock:
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Never mind. . .enough hunting gave me the answer. . .

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