Please read before posting - forum guidelines

We kindly ask you to observe a few guidelines before posting a question on the Tapspace forum. We appreciate your regarding these simple rules:

1) When creating a new posting, create a subject that makes sense. Subjects such as, ";help help help!!";, or ";What the???"; don't give any sense of what the message pertains to, and won't help future visitors in searching for answers. Please be patient enough to think of an appropriate subject line.

2) If you're requesting assistance for a problem, be thorough and list all components of your setup such as your computer type, OS version, RAM amount, which VDL method you're using, soundcard type (if applicable), sampler software and versions, notation software and versions, midi driver type, and any other details specific to your setup. It will help others in more efficiently helping.

3) Be nice. We encourage open and free communication, but please keep the forum free of bickering. Keep things friendly and informative.

These guidelines will likely be evolving as the board grows. We appreciate your cooperation in observing these guidelines, and look forward to making this community a positive place to look for answers and ideas.
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