Help Me plez

I just got VDL1 and im trying to get it working with my Sibelius 3 , i dont have the soundblaster card, and i need to know what i have to do from the start to finish.... i have AIM if eny one would i.m. me Drbeat Dcikid
plez help :) thanks guys
i have sibelius 3 , VDL , maple midi what eles do i need to get me started and is there a FREE demo of it :)
You need a soundblaster card or sampler. Your VD disc has plenty of help files that should give you the requirements needed.

If you're not using a Soundblaster card, you need a sampler program like Kompakt, Kontakt or GigaStudio. Kompakt is the cheapest of the three. You can get Kompakt or Kontakt through Tapspace.
my sibelius has Kontaka on it is that what you mean ?
The Kontakt Player that comes with Sibelius 3 will not allow you to load in third party sounds. You need the standalone version of Kontakt or Kompakt or similar.
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