Grace Notes in Sibelius 3 w/ VDL

The flams are playing back way too open. I searched the Help File for grace notes and didn't really find a solution. Any ideas?

Also, my playback is not always accurate. The 5 strokes have a small gap prior to the 5th stroke (the release note) when written as: eighth note (2 slashes) tied to another eighth note.

The rhyhthms also stutter sometimes. Such as ";8 on a Hand"; not playing metronomically perfect.

I have the performance settings on Mecanicco and my computer is quite new, fast, and powerful so I don't think it's low ram or processor speed.

How can I remedy this?

The grace note thing is a common problem for Sibelius users just getting started with VDL. Fortunately, it's an easy fix. There's a thread on the forum about it at:

Five Stroke Rolls - This may not be to your immediate taste, but give me a second and I think you'll see the benefit from inputting them differently than what you described. An 8th-note with 2 slashes is most certainly an accurate way to NOTATE a five stroke roll. However, if you'd like to hear an accurate PLAYBACK of that five stroke roll, essentially what you want to hear played back from your VDL samples is this:


Instead of entering it as you described, enter two 16th-notes, each with a single slash. It's the same rhythm, but doing it this way gives you the power to more affectively hear the correct sticking played. The first 16th-note would be on G# (right hand), the next 16th-note would be on F# (left hand), then release on G# again (right hand). Adding the single slash to the 16ths will essentially ";double"; each one, giving you that realistic duple-roll sound. See if doing it this way helps solve the hiccup you were experiencing.

The unsteady playback may be something else. First off, which OS are you using, and how are you loading/accessing the sounds? Windows or mac. Which sampler (kompakt?), and which midi drivers (maple, yoke, iac)?
Thanks for the tips. I'll try them.

As for the playback situation...

PC Pentium 4
Win XP
Maple Midi Tools


I had the same problem you have with playback sounding uneven. Go to and look for a program called Midi Yoke. It's a virtual Midi cable that installs itself as hardware on your computer instead of software. You would set it up just like you do Maple Midi in your sampler and Sibelius. You wouldn't need to run Maple Midi at all then. When I switched over to Midi Yoke, all my stutter problems went away.

IM me at drumcorpbc on Yahoo, MSN or AIM if you need help installng Midi Yoke. It's a little confusing to install.
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