VDL2 question for Jim Casella


I am wondering if the sounds from the show ";Music of the Day"; from the S&S site, which lists you as the percussion arranger, were done with the new VDL2 or if something else was used to get those realistic sounds.

Sorry for stickin' my nose in on this one, but it's been driving me crazy not knowing.


Dave P.
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No worries Dave. :)

Many of the sounds from Key Poulan's ";Music of the Day"; recordings are indeed rendered from early incarnations of VDL:2. When I was writing that, the library was in the early stages of production. Once VDL2 is officially complete (getting close!!), the quality will be even more improved on the VDL:2 stuff heard in those recordings.

We'll have some audio demos available to listen to on the VDL:2 page just as soon as we can.

Thanks for checking it out.
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