VDL2 / Soundfont / Finale

Will VDL2 come with a soundfont version? I have spent a lot of time setting up Finale to use the VDL Soundfonts and am not sure how the new bundled player will work with that. If not the soundfonts, how will the Kontact (sp?) player work with Finale?
It doesn't look like VD2 will be soundfont compatible. The included Konkat sampler should work fine with Finale. All youwill need to do is tell Finale to play the score through the Konkat sampler rather than your soundcard software. I think that's right.

Gabe is correct, VDL:2 does not include a soundfont version. To do so would require a second DVD. Yes, you read that right, VDL:2 takes up a DVD.

The Kontakt Player that is included will work with Finale just fine. You will need a virtual midi cable such as Maple Midi Tools or Midi Yoke. Both are free and relatively easy to setup.
I know it doens't exist now, but would it be possible, in the future, to be able to purchase VDL2 strictly with soundfonts? I use another program that I incorporate my with my already abundant soundfont library and I'd like to be able to load VDL2 into it.
I can't speak for Tapspace, but I would be very surprised if a soundfont version was ever released.
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