VDL 2 and samplers

I was wondering if you need a seperate sampler to run VDL 2. Am I correct in thinking that you dont need a sampler at all for VDL 2? It says no sampler required but then i read that VDL 2 is powered by the KONTAKT engine. Does that mean Ill need KONTAKT for VDL 2 to work?

Also, If I do need a sampler program, would KOMPAKT work as well as KONTAKT?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to have eveything set up right whe VDL 2 comes out.

Any help would be awesome.
when they say ";no sampler required"; they mean it. it is a stand alone ";virtual instrument";, although it can be run as a plug in to many popular ";host"; programs. being run on the ";kontakt engine"; simply means that the interface used to run it, is similiar to that of kontakt
VDL:2 comes with a program called Kontakt Player. It is similar to the Kontakt Player that comes Sibelius 3 except it will only load the VDL:2 sounds. It can be run in standalone mode to work with Finale or Sibelius, or it can be run in a host program like Bidule or Steinberg Stack.

You can also run VDL:2 if you have the latest version of Kontakt (the standalone program, not the one with VDL:2). You gotta love the Native Instrument guys for naming everything practically the same.
To clarify, Virtual Drumline 2 actuall IS the instrument. Double-click on VirtualDrumline2 and voila -- your interface is open, ready to load sounds into by clicking the ";load"; button.

Bill is correct in that VDL2 sounds can also be loaded within Kontakt if so desired. This can give users some flexibility to tweak with the mapping, or create their own customized instrument sets.

If desired, VDL2 can be hosted in any audio applications that can host VSTi, AU, RTAS, or DXi formats. This isn't a requirement...just an option.

To clarify, the Steinberg host program mentioned is V-STACK.
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