Dr Beat and the internal 'nome

Any ideas for getting the click track in the mixer window to play back the Dr Beat I imported as a soundfont? I can play it back if I create an additional staff and just have it play quarter notes (or whatever), I just thought it would be nice to use the built in nome to play back my sound instead of the sweet midi woodblock it seems to enjoy.

-Sibelius 3.1
Works great! Thanks.
Thanks for the info Jim. I'll try that and see what happens!
Set the ";click"; track (in the sibeilus mixer) to playback from the device where you have the soundfont loaded.

If you're used to haveing Sibleius play its click track from the included Kontakt Player module, the metronome clicks default to HIGH WOODBLOCK (for downbeats), and LOW WOODBLOCK (for other beats). These pitches are located at E5 and F5 respecitvely. If you created a soundfont from Dr. Beat sounds, it'll be easiest if you just map them to those pitches.
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