Kontakt Silver?

I some how have lost Kontakt silver(the NI program that comes with SIbelius). I tried using the disc to reinstall it but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
Have you tried contacting Sibelius yet or asking their website? I'd try there first.

If not, you might want to do a search on your hard drive for Kontakt Player and erase all traces of it, then try installing it again. What were you doing before you lost the player?
I am not even sure what it was I was doing. But reloading it does not seem to work. I think when I tried do a ";save as audio"; file I hit something that made it disapear.
Since KontaktPlayer Silver is an installed component of Sibelius 3, I'm not sure how this could happen. Is Sibelius still working properly? I'd definitely call Sibelius tech support if I were you.
Sibelius is working fine although I have not done any more piano composition since Kontakt disappeared. Sibelius is working fine with VDL and my charts using that goup of sound fonts. I have considered trying to reinstall Sibelius as a whole but I am afraid to loose the many saved files I have. But I think a call to tech support is in order. I may see if Gabe can give me some pointers before I go that route. Once I figure things out I will post the cause and the fix so anyone else that this happens to can solve the issue with far less confusion.
You will not lose any files if you uninstall Sibelius. Just to be safe you should save them to a disc. Sibelius files are amazingly small for the amount of information they save.

Check a couple settings first.

1. Go to Play>Devices click find new devices and see if the Konkat player is in the window. If it is, it's installed and you just need to enable it.

2. Open any Sibelius file. Go to the Window and click. Is Konkat player grayed out? If it is, then it is not installed.

Hope you can get it back.

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