Ok, So my dad took the computer into work the other day and redid the entire hard drive AGAIN! but I got my own server now so its all good. Anyways, I still had problems getting VD to work! I have Sibelius 3 (not 3.1) and Kontakt and Maple MIDI. thing that looks suspicious is when I'm loading in the programs from VD into says the size is 0...Whats up with this? Do you think this could be the problem?
First off, I'd highly recommend updating Sibelius to version 3.1.3. You'll have much better success with pretty much everything this way. I believe this is a free update from

When you say you have Kontakt, please specify. Is it the FULL program KONTAKT, or is it the Kontakt Player Silver that comes with Sibelius, or (just to be sure), is it KOMPAKT? What you are using may have a very valid affect on how you go about using VDL.

Where are you seeing the ";O"; file size. Please be specific, and maybe someone can help shed some light for you.
I'm 100% sure it is kontakt...I'm running it off the program itself and not silver that came with Sibelius.I'm seeing the ";0"; when I open Kontakt, I click on my VD folder and click on Snare, then I click programs. I see it in the ";size"; column. This does not seem right because when I click ";samples"; everything has a size.
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