what happened here?

when i first got the program i loaded tje full right away. worked great! i have over a gig of ram and everything and my pc started to turn it self off and what not. so i decided to lead the medium. and after some time i found i had a virus so i fixed that problem. now that i try and load the full one i get... ";unable to load. error in loading bank"; what can this mean? i have a sound blaster audigy gamer. it worked before so what happened here?

some help would so greatly appreciated.

Joe - I don't know. This definitely sounds like something you should contact Creative Labs (the maker of your soundcard) about.

Here's the link:

good luck!
u must have downloaded like 5 updates and patches and i stillget the same error.
Joe - I'm not sure I'm following you. Have you tried contacting support at Creative?
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