Virtual Drumline with my version of Sibelius


I am probably asking the dumbest question on this forum but I am curious to know if the VD will work with my version of Sibelius. To my knowledge, it is not the most recent version to come out, it could perhaps be the first one, but I will need that information before I go any further. By the way, this sounds like one awesome product!!!!!! I have been waiting forever to be able to have true drum sounds after I compose a piece. Tha whistle and bell stuff out of sibelius is getting pretty old :)!

im pretty sure that the lowest version you can work with using the virtual drumline soundsamples is version two. i haven't seen an other templates becaise version 2 and 3. but i could be wrong.

I must admit that my knowledge of Sibelius 1 is severly lacking. However, if that is indeed the version you have, here's a few things to check. Are you able to make templates in your version of Sibelius? If you are, then you can create your own templates to put noteheads exactly where you want them. Indeed, there is no Sibelius 1 template that we created, and I don't think any of us have Sibelius 1 anymore to create one either.

Also, check to make sure that Sibelius 1 will allow itself to synch up with a particular sound source, either your soundfont manager (if you're using the Soundfont version of VDL) or a sampler program like Kompakt or Kontakt.
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