VDL2 Discount

I Faxed in my form approx. 2 weeks ago and was wondering when should we expect to receive a discount code or confirmation of receipt or anything?

Thanks, sorry I'm so impatient! I LOVE VDL and I'm EXTREMELY excited for VDL2!!
Don't quote me on this, but I do believe they are waiting for VDL:2 to be done and ready to ship before sending out the codes. I know we've been stupid busy with testing and editing and more testing and more editing.
Indeed, the discount/registration codes have not yet been emailed to those folks who have already sent in their upgrade forms. Rest assured however, that the codes will go out prior to the official library release. It's been a matter of creating the method of generating the registration numbers, and ensuring that they work properly on the tapspace webstore. Assuming your email address hasn't changed since you filled out the form, you should be hearing from tapspace soon.
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