vdl, kompakt, sonar 4 as host

over the last several weeks i have been learning sonar 4. one problem that i have not been able to solve is latency when using it as my ";host"; to run multiple instances of kompakt and a variety of virtual instruments. i get all the ins and outs set correctly, but get serious delay and/or chopiness in the sibelius playback. this is not a probem when only using on instance of kompakt and no sonar, but as soon as i try to ";host"; kompakt within sonar this becomes a problem immediately--even with only one instrument playing back. i think this is probably an audio interface problem--i am using the m-audio mobilepre usb interface. could this be the problem? here is my set-up:

Sweetwater Creation Station Pro
3.2 Ghz 800 FSB
2 Gigs RAM
3 HD's equalling 400 GIGs
M-Audio MobilePre USB Audio Interface
Sibelius 3
Cakewalk Sonar 4 Studio

I am posting this here first (rather than the Sonar forums) because i feel that many of you understand and have good knowledge of ";hosting"; samplers and virtual instruments.

any help would be greatly appreciated
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