I can't find my soundbank manager

where the heck is it??? Ive loaded all the VDL stuff into Sibelius but cannot find the sound bank manager...please help so i can put it in
What type of sound card are you using?

If it's a Creative Labs, try Programs>Creative>[sound card type]>SoundFont Bank Manager.
Some soundblaster cards load soundfonts via AudioHQ. If it's installed properly, you'll find it in the Control Panel.

More info on loading soundfonts into Creative Labs soundcards can be found at: http://www.soundblaster.com
thanks for the help so far, yes its creative labs, i can find the file folder but it doesnt show the sound bank folder i don't know why....
Be sure you're looking for the right thing. It should be either:


I'm guessing this would be easily solved if you check with your CreativeLabs documentation or their technical support crew.

Good luck!
thanks for all the help but, i went into the help file and the first thing it said was SounBlaster Live! so i geuss its not SBAudigy 2 like i thought, and its not compatable....off to the store i geuss.

thanks for the help anyways!!!!
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