Win XP SP2 and SBLive! then Audigy 2 Value now what?

First, I just wanted to say thank you for these forums, they are invaluable to me and my 2nd job.

I finally broke down and bought a SBLive! card that has the SoundFont compatible logo on the box. I installed it into my 2nd computer with 512mb of ram, running windows xp sp2. And the new software that comes packaged with the card, ";soundfont bank manager";, gives the error ";Unable to load soundfont"; when I try to load any of the soundfont files with dynamic or static cache(200mb). After a couple hours of tinkering and googling I uninstalled the card and exchanged it for an Audigy 2 Value. The same software came with that card, and the same error as well. It looks lke I will be trying a call to Creative's tech support or exchanging this card for an Audigy 2 ";whatever is next and will cost more $";. The whole reason I started with the SBLive! was to save a buck, the older version of the same card is working well for me on my 1st computer . I'm just trying to get by with the minimum requirements for VDL on my 2nd computer until VDL2 comes out.

For my peace of mind, has anyone been able to install a new SoundBlaster card to a computer with Win XP SP2 already installed and been able to load any of the soundfont files (small, med, full)?

I read a post on some random site about the Win XP SP2 sounfont dll version basically being a castrated version. But it seems like if this was the case when I applied SP2 to my 1st computer it should have broke the soundfont functionality. I tried reformatting my 2nd computer and installing the soundcard to WinXP SP1 but the error message persists. So that points me in the direction of the software, ";soundfont bank manager";. But it seems like I would find more posts in this forum about the error message.

Boy howdy, I can't wait for VDL2.
So it turned out to be a corrupt VDL1 soundfont bank, I recopied the file from my CD and the sound card worked...
Karma++ for reporting your own resolution.  :)
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