i can't find audio HQ in control panel

i cannot find the audio HQ file in the control panel.. i installed my SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit External Sound Card but do not see it??
Can someone please assist me ASAP!!
THanks ahead of time?
Did you install the software that came included with your soundblaster card? If so, you should have either AUDIOHQ, or SOUNDFONT BANK MANAGER in which you'll load your soundfonts.

You can always check with the tech support people at Creative Labs, or refer to the documentation that came with your soundblaster card. When seeking support, you should let them know you're trying to load soundfonts into your soundblaster card.

Good luck!
i have the bank manager but it doesnot follow the same steps as the instructional video.... i am not a computer wiz eitehr so if anyone has any information to help me through please let me knwo asap..
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