Recording VDL playback

I've used Sibelius to create WAV files before (using the Save as Audio Track function). Granted, that was percussion ensemble music using the built in Kontakt player sounds.

This function informs me that only Kontakt sounds will be recorded. My VDL sounds are coming through Kompakt.

Is there a way to record sound files? I would like to create practice tracks or music-minus-one CDs.

Thanks in advance,
You need to use an external sound recorder. There are many freeware versions floating around the net. I use one called #1 Sound Recorder. It cost me $30, but it works great for me. Saves as a wave file then converts it to an mp3.
I purchased #1 Sound Recorder.

Seems simple enough. Do I just his record on the sound recorder right after I hit play on Sibelius?

I'll experiment.


It's even easier than that. Press F5 and P at the same time, and recording will start at the same time as playback does. Have Sibelius in the foreground and #1 Sound Recorder in the background.
Yeah, I got that just playing around with it. This is one cool program. Well worth the money.

Thanks alot for your help.

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