How do u do this :
";In Finale, go to your MIDI SETUP window. Set the output channels 1-16 to point toward your soudblaster device (i.e. your soundcard). If you have more than one item here that looks soundblaster related, choose the one that's set as your 'soundfont device' within AudioHQ. You may need to open AudioHQ to refresh your memory.";
I don't knwo?
please help bc i think thats my problem.. wehn i put my output on my sound card or my default out put device , i donnt' hear anything but if i put it on my Microsoft GS Wavetable SW synth i can hear only piano sounds what am i doing wrong????
What space are you putting the note on? If you're not using a MIDI keyboard, you need to follow the keymap and put the notehead on the correct octave to hear anything. Most of the sounds are outside of the staff.
i am putting notes all over on bass tenors and snares but i am still not hearing anyting? what should the midi in and out shoudl be and what do i have to do with the instrument list ????
Please let me knwo asap...
but i still don't hear anysounds..
Are you following the keymap?
i think i am... weher can i be sure of the keymaps... and what are channels suppose to be set at??
You think you are? The keymaps are the guides to entering the notes, they tell you what note to enter to get the right look and sound. Both of your questions are answered in the help file.

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