since there is no general thing to chat at all i figured i'd post here since i will be getting to questions about virtual drumline and virtual drumline 2.


if anyone can listen to that and give some feedback. anything... positive and nergative is greattt. its the first indoor piece i have ever done all by my onesies. i also wanted to know how much virtual drumline 2 would be able to im prove that since it isnt even complete yet. i still have to add like 10 more instruments, dynamics and stick changes. esp, for the mallets.

i kno its not that great... at all. but i am happy with like one part. so please.. let me kno. i hope to write more stuff like this and get alot better at this because this is what i love and its what i want to make a carrear out of. so be honesttt!



i did change a part or 2 and added a little more but im not sure it for the better.... let me kno. lol
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