placing vd on existing scores

How do you go about placing vd on an existing score (i.e. a band director's score) I am running vd1 and Finale...I have the vd template and it works fine on it's own. I run into a wall when I want to start new staves on a score sent to me by a band director for a gig! I have to send him/her seperate parts and they have to ";use thier imagination"; to guess what my parts and their parts will sound like. I would like to be more professional than that.....any suggetions?


Looks like you are most of the way there. Start with your VD template and add staves from there. Add the exact the number of staves/instruments that are in the band score and cut and paste as needed. You can still hear your VD stuff while also hearing the standard midi of the band.


Gabe is correct. Since VDL:1 relies on a specific template to work you need to add staves to the template, rather than the other way around.

A good piece of advice is to add the wind and pit staves to your normal VDL template, then save that as a template and give a copy to your BD. Then when he's writing, all you have to do is add your stuff in (since it's already mapped for VDL) and boom, you're running in less time.
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