Including VDL2 sounds with wav files

I have WINXP, FINALE05 and am considering VDL2. I have always made recordings of FINALE files using the ";save as a wav file"; function in FINALE, and the CDs I have made off of those files have been fine, but the drum sounds blow. If I use VDL2 and save those files as wav files will the VDL2 sounds come through, or will I have to run them through something like Cakewalk to get proper playback. If so, any inexpensive, easy recommendations for making wav (MP3?) files with the VDL2 sounds. Sorry if this questions has been asked before.

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A number of folks have had good success with #1 Sound Recorder. You can download a trial from #1 Sound Recorder basically records anything that is coming out of your computer speakers.

Also, Creative Labs releassed a .wav recorder with their Audigy series sound card. If you have that, you may be all set.


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