I need alot of help

Ok i just got my full version of sibelius and im tring to get the vd 3.1 sounds working on it but every thing i tried doing didnt seem to get it to work. Can some one please help me out by sending me to a guide or seomthing thx.
make sure you have your soundfonts loaded properly.
read the readme that comes with the vVDLsibelius_31.zip. it is very informative.

but first... in the folder there is a subfolder called Sib3 Sound Sets. copy and past all of thoes files in to your c:programfiles.sibeliussoftware/sibelius3/sounds folder... may be incorrect path but its along the right lines.

open: VDLtemplate_v31 and set up everything.

in devices make sure under sound set it says:
virtualdrumline :bank 1 of soundblaster.. if you are using loading soundfonts into a your soundcard.

virtualdrumline: giga/kompakt/kontakt if you are using any of thoes and use

virtualdrumline : soundfont program... i dont kno what thats for.. maybe like. cakewalk or sonar, but thats my guess

after you have set that up and have your VDLtemplate_v31.sib open i would suggest you save it... i dont kno why but i do it just incase.

after that! open your mixer. there should be 5 instruments. (click, snare, tenor, bass, cymbals) dont touch the click.
select snare, go to sounds and scroll down to Vdrumline snare and select scv snareline

select tenors, sound, Vdrumline tenors, SCV tenors, i would choose tenor 1 becuase you can simply change the instrument when you need threw you score by inserting a technique and ~P(programnumber)

select bass, sound, Vdrumline bass, SCV bass, as before i would choose bass1 for the smae reason.

im pretty sure thats it.. but im a noobie
well what device do i use....Kontak player or the microsoft one.
Now i get a clainet sound.....
how are you loading the soundfonts? kontakt/kompakt or loading the sounds into your soundcard?
im tring to use kontack that came with my sib version.
The Kontakt player in Sibelius can only load the sounds it includes with the program. You cannot load third-party sounds like virtual drumline. The easiest way for you to get playback of virtual drumline is to pick up a soundfont compatible sound card. Creative Labs has a wide selection for you to choose from.

or you can buy the natve instruments kontake from tapspace.com or the native instruments website.
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