Will VDL2 be easy for the common comp user?


ok so i dont have VDL1, im wating for VDL2..... im not the most computer friendly person in the world.....but i did manage to sortof beat the learning curve with Finale. will VDL2 be more so a plug and play sort of thing? or will i have to do some extensive copying and pasting files here and there and redoing certian Finale setetings??

i guess what im asking is, is Vdl2 a more user friendly item than VD1?

thanks Adam
Just like with any new software, there will be a learning curve. One of the ways that VDL:2 will be easier is you don't need to worry about what kind of sound card you have, or if you have the right sampler program. You get the player with VDL:2 and then all you need is a virtual MIDI cable (download online, they are free) and you're set.

Now, if you have pieces you've already written using Finale and you want to hear them with the VDL:2 sounds, you will have to reenter them. Cutting and pasting won't work. And there's just no way around that one.

Spend a little time and have some patience and you'll be flying along in no time.
There will be instruments that are set up to use the VDL:1 mappings.
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