Midi file

My question is, if i save a work i have finished writing as a midi file, will it play with the VD sounds on other computers, that may or may not have VD? I know it plays the midi with the VD sounds on my computer, just wonder if it would on others so i can show people how the work should sound.
If you save it as a MIDI file and try to play it one someone else's computer, you will hear whistles and various hits. The best option if you're going to save it as a MIDI is to open that MIDI file in a sequencer like Sonar or Cubase or similar, load the sounds in and save that file as an mp3 or .wav file.
Oh, ok. Thanks alot.
Think of a MIDI file as a piece of digital sheet music. It doesn't actually contain any sounds which is why the file size is so small. It tells the computer what pitch and tempo to play back, but it's up to the that specific computer's sound card to supply the instruments.
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