Audigy 2 Soundcard

Will jus the plain Audigy 2 soundcard work, Because I bought the Soundblaster Live 24-bit and it didn't have AUDIO HQ and I heard most the audigy do, so will just the plain Audigy 2 soundcard work? Thanks for your help.

Matt Bartnick

P.S. I all ready looked on the site to see if there was any topics that concerned this, and I couldn't find any, so please just answer back.
Actually, the SBL 24-Bit does have Audio HQ. It's just called something else. If you click on start, then go to Creative, you'll see a program called SoundFont Bank Manager. Same program, different name.
Will soundfont bank manager on it load the full version and will it work even if i do not have audio hq?
Whether or not it will load the FULL version is a matter of how much RAM you have, and how much of it you've allocated to your soundcard. The program itself (soundfont bank manager) doesn't have any bearing on whether or not you can load the ";Full"; version as opposed to the ";Small"; version. It simply depends on the amount of memory in your machine, and that you've allocated enough (say around 120MB) to accept the full soundfont.
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