Double Beat Question

On part "I" through "J" is there a different sticking that is written, because on the Jonz dvd I think it is a little off with the sound, so I looked at the video on the Pearl drums site, and it looks like they are playing something a little diffent

Sticking for snare? Tenors? Bass?

I Also have a question about doublebeat.

According to the video (Referring to the Jonz one), at the 4th measure after C where bass 1 isn't playing, i see the bass 1 player on the video doing quarter note rim clicks... Is this part of it or is he just counting where he doesnt play or something?

After I, I think the sticking was modified somewhat and I'm not exactly sure what the final version was. It's no biggie though. What's on the music is essentially correct. They might have played the 3rd measure (the part with 3 accents in a row) with all right hand.

As far as the rim clicks on the bass drums, I think they all played rim clicks when they weren't playing parts on the drum to keep time during that section.


Yeh they do play the 3 acents with the right hand, untill they go both hands of course. I love that cadence! Our line will be playing it this year, but I had to re-write some parts for the basses... it's always the basses... lol.

They cant seem to plat the 3 sixtuplets and the eighth note from measure 16 through "D" or 50 through "I". Oh well... I'm excited to be the only drumline in New Mexico to play it!

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