accent vs taps as well as diddles...

Hello everyone!

I am about to purchase Sibelous 3. I have been a die-hard Finale user since Finale 3.1 or something. I am excited about the promise of the simplicity of Sibelius as well as the up and coming VD2!

Basically I want to know the steps that you guys take in Sibelous 3 (with VD1) to both the notation aspect of diddles as well as the audio/MIDI aspect?

In Finale, I always had to end up making two actual scores/files to accomplish what I wanted.

1) ";Audio/Midi version"; - containts all MIDI velocity information meticulously entered on every note as well as all rolls and diddles written as 32nd notes.

2) ";Notation version"; - which is the ";written";/nice looking version of the score so it is readable, but will not play.

As far as diddles are concerned, another basic question is: does Sibelious interpret the ";MIDI"; of a 16th diddle correctly as 2 32nds?

Also, I was just wondering if you need to use a similar approach in Sibelius to accomplish very detailed MIDI velocities (or ";stick heights";) on every note so the MIDI play back is as realistic as possible as well as make it notationally correct for diddles (no 32nds).

Thanks for your thoughts and explanation of how Sibelius does or doesn't handle it.

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Sibelius correctly plays back and exports MIDI when you write diddles/rolls. Sibelius is also better at playing back dynamic markings than Finale. Notation software is not meant for high quality audio recordings, so they do not provide the most ";realistic"; playback of dynamics. It will give you a nice example of what your writing will sound like, but you need to use a multi-track recording program like Logic, Cubase, or Pro-Tools to get the best results.
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