Educational pricing?

Will there be educational pricing for VDL:2? I plan on using it with Logic, and possibly Garage Band for fun.
Since the majority of our customers are already educators, we've taken this into consideration by simply keeping the price low at a flat $199. If you compare the price of VDL2 to other Virtual Instruments and libraries of similar size and features, you'll find that $199 is a very good price.

Some of our valued Tapspace dealers may decide to offer slight discounts to the product, but you'll have to check with them. [url=]Click here for a listing of Tapspace dealers.[/url]
I was shocked to learn VDL 2 was only $200. Most instructors can easily absorb this cost as part of their season budget and have the school pay. Or you can talk to your band director about buying it for use at a school computer because most high schools/colleges have a pretty good budget for buying sheet music and related items each year.

To compare to another product, $200 would usually get you only marimba and vibes, or maybe a few drumset variations. Plus it would just be the samples and not the awesome software interface that VDL2 has.
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