Tutorial: Using Virtual Drumline 2 and Multi-Track Software

If you are wondering how to get life-like results from VDL2 and aren't happy with what you're hearing from Sibelius or Finale, check out this tutorial.  Using a Multi-track recording program such as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, or Pro-Tools, you can add extra levels of realism to your music.  Make your friends think SCV was in your backyard playing your music!

[url=http://www.jessemattson.com/vdl2/]click here[/url]

(link updated 12-06-2005)
Will garage band work the same? If not, where will i be able to purchase Cubase or something of the like?
[url=http://www.ehow.com/how_4871263_logic-pro-tapspace-virtual-drumline.html]Here is a new tutorial[/url] doing the same thing with Apple Logic Pro.  It should work the same with Logic Express.  It includes 9 steps with screen shots.

Would there be any reason for GB to recognize my Kontakt Player, but my NOT Logic Express 8?
Logic is a program, not an audio unit plugin.  GB and Logic will recognize the same AU plug-ins, but not each other.  Just like you wouldn't open Internet Explorer with Firefox.
I'm sorry, I meant that Logic Express 8 won't recognize my Kontakt Player, but my GB DOES.
I'm not sure about Logic Express, but in Logic Pro, there's an [b]Audio Units Manager[/b] (under the preferences section) that allows you to check and validate AU's. If your KP2 is somehow not validating with Logic, you may want to be sure you're using Kontakt Player version 2.2.4 (which installs automatically as a part of the VDL 2.5.1 updater). Plugin version numbers appear in this AU Manager window, so it's easy to see which version you're on.

The Audio Units Manager shows that the Kontakt Player DID in fact validate version 2.2.4, however when I go to the Mixer I have to click on one of the ";Inserts"; to get a drop down menu where there is an ";audio units..."; option. When I drag to it, there's only an ";Apple"; option, no Kontakt Player.

I also tried using the Media browser (on the right hand side) to navigate to the folder where the samples are. It lets me get to the VDL folders but it doesn't show any samples in them.

Could a reinstall solve this perhaps? Maybe reinstall just the AU plugin from the install disc?

The fact that GB recognizes them while Logic does not has me the most confused.
Ralph - Since KP2 isn't really a processing plugin, but rather, an 'instrument' plugin, you don't access it from the ";Inserts"; menu. You'll see it if you select a software instrument track, then in the inspector, you'll see a little pull-down menu labeled ";I/O";. In here, near the bottom, you'll see a category named AU Instruments in which you'll probably see a ";Native Instruments"; category which will contain Kontakt Player 2.

[url=http://skitch.com/jimcasella/bknpi/au-instruments]Click for full size[/url]
The Audio Manager says its ok.

In the Inspector, I only get ";Input 2";, ";no Input";, and a drop down list for ";Input"; or ";Bus";. Kontakt player is nowhere in sight.

Am I correct to assume that since GB recognizes the samples, that there's not a problem with the AU Plugin installation?

(I tried to add screenshots but they wouldn't load onto the post, I'll try again later I guess)
In the inspector, are you certain you're looking at a [i]software instrument[/i] track? You won't see the same results if you're in an Audio track or a MIDI instrument track. It sounds like you might be looking at an audio track.
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