Tutorial: Using Virtual Drumline 2 and Multi-Track Software

If you are wondering how to get life-like results from VDL2 and aren't happy with what you're hearing from Sibelius or Finale, check out this tutorial.  Using a Multi-track recording program such as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, or Pro-Tools, you can add extra levels of realism to your music.  Make your friends think SCV was in your backyard playing your music!

[url=http://www.jessemattson.com/vdl2/]click here[/url]

(link updated 12-06-2005)
I'd like to recommend that any VDL:2 users who are interested in learning more about sequencing and mixing post-notation check out Jesse's tutorial to learn from his expertise. Nicely done Jesse!!

Jim Casella
This is awesome stuff! I was just wondering what pan settings you use, because I can't seem to get it right. Also, Do you actually set each individual bass drums panning?
I just move the bassline about 30% to one side and the tenors to the other so you get the feel of a big drumline in stereo. Too far to either side and it sounds goofy, especially with headphones. If you wanted to do each bass drum differently, you'd have to load up a new instrument per drum which is probably more trouble than it's worth.

One of my favorite things about VDL2 is the samples sound like they are from the perspective of the listener and not the player- so when you have a full pit+battery playing you can hear what the audience might hear. That's my opinion anyways. So when panning I think of how it should sound from 100 feet away.
Hello jmattson,

I read your tutorial and was wondering if Cubase SL and Cubase SE would work just the same? After reading your tutorial, i've decided that I definetely want to begin this route as I am not to impressed with my current playback using Finale 2005. Using VDL2, is there a need for me to use Cubase SX?

or is Acid Pro 5 also able to work with VDL2?
All versions of Cubase will work- even the cheap $70 version. I am not totally sure about Acid Pro, but it appears it does. You can download a free trial of it to be sure.
[quote author=tddrummerboy link=topic=516.msg1935#msg1935 date=1114199858]
This is awesome stuff! ��I was just wondering what pan settings you use, because I can't seem to get it right. ��Also, Do you actually set each individual bass drums panning?

Move the basses about 25-35% to one side and do the same for the quads.  Leave the snares center.
What happened to the link on the tutorial? I really need this. It's coming up as access forbidden.
is there a new link, because both of the links dont work?
oops- my billing info changed and I forgot to update my website.  It should be back up within a day or two.
This tutorial is now being hosted on the Tapspace server. [b][url=https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/jessem_vdl2_tutorial/index.html]Click here[/url][/b] to view the tutorial.
Excellent work, makes creating recordings simple.  Thanks
Thanks for this - most helpful.  I am guessing it will work equally well with VDL 2.5.  I'm new here so I'm very grateful for any and all help I can get.
This is exactly what I needed.  Thanks for the help.
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