When will the templates be available to download from tapspace? Thanks.
Here are a few tricks you might be able to try...

If you are running the DFD extension (which I assume you are), go to the OPTIONS window and check to be sure the RESERVED VOICES field is somewhere between 248 and 256, then hit APPLY.

Also, be sure you aren't routing two staves (i.e. two marimba staves) to the same midi channel (i.e. TWO staves in Sibelius going to the ONE marimba in VDL2). Especially if they are doing a lot of doubling - this can max out the instrument's polyphony pretty easily. You can always increase the allowed polyphony on any instrument by clicking on the SECOND number (it looks like a fraction like, ";0/32";), and dragging upward with your mouse.

Also, you may find it helpful to decrease the ";release"; value on long sustaining instruments such as vibes, chimes, etc. since they'll eat up polyphony for the entire time they're decaying. This knob will decrease that decay time once the note has been released.
Thank you so much! I'll try that. I really appreciate how much personal contact you give to the people that buy your product(s) and are so hands on with your company!

I have a couple of questions that I am sure someone can answer. I have downloaded the new template and have looked at it. First off, what staff type do you use for the Tam-Tam, or all the other types of gongs. There are so many obscure sounds in VDL2 and I need to know how to use them; ie. the ratchet, cabasa, some of the effects? Also, say you want to throw another auxillary part and another vibe part on the score. Would you just have to go to the instrument list and pull up a five line percussion staff and then use a staff type change to set it to the auxillary sound and then just add a vibraphone to your score?, or do you have to use the extra staff above or below feature.

A few things, Jon.

#1 - Let's start with your environment. Sibelius, right? MIDI keyboard?

#2 - Do you have the manual? There's a list...

#3 - An easy way to do it is to duplicate the staff, but for vibes it doesn't matter...

You probably want to make your question a new thread... :wink:
Thanks Drumcat,

First I am using Sibelius 3, midiyoke, and the Oxygen 8 midi controller. I do have the manual. You said that there is a list? I can see all the instruments, just need to know what staff type to use them. There are a lot of staff type changes for the VDL2 insturments but definately not all of them. What if I had to use maracas, shakers, rock tambourine, and wind chimes? Would I just have to add two percussion staves by choosing five line percussion? or do I have to use the multi-staff option from the instrument menu and chose one above or below? After that is done, what type of staff type change might I have to use? And do you have to have a staff type change for the Tam-Tam? I see there is one for Concert Bass and then one for BD and Tam but not just a staff type for Tam-Tam. Thanks for the help

Jon - as you've already noticed, there aren't staff types for every single instrument within VDL2. Maybe someday, but for the time being, this is what we have to work with. In the meantime, you can either enter these parts on ";pitched"; staff types, or create your own customized staff types within sibelius.

Creating a 5-line percussion staff from the Instruments window is pretty much the same thing as creating a new ";pitched"; staff, as it doesn't contain any mapping. this is fine, however you'll see key signatures, etc. Don't use any of the pre-named Sibelius percussion 5-line staff types as they'll ONLY playback notes that are assigned within the staff type mapping.

If you select ";extra staff above or below"; from within the Instrument window, it acts somewhat as an ossia staff where that staff will be ";linked"; to the staff it's assigned to. This can be OK if you want a vibe staff to also contain a separate staff for aux percussion stuff, but if what your mainly trying to do is simply add more/different staves to your score, simply use the ";add to score"; button from within the instruments window.
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