When will the templates be available to download from tapspace? Thanks.
Finale and Sibelius templates will both be posted very soon (within a day or so) on the UPDATES page. Stay tuned.
You can use the VDL1 finale template. There will be something things 'missing' that are new to VDL2. This will get you up and running until the templates are finished.

Well, I followed their instructions to set things up, but I still couldn't get sound on playback. I'm getting sounds just fine out of the kontak player, just not from Finale. Do you use Finale?
You should be able to get sound. The templates are only used to map the notes for display correctly.

Basically C4 in the full snare line is a stick shot. Without a template it will display as the C4 note in the staff. When reading snare drum music, you don't want to read it in the C4 space. The template will place it where it is supposed to be seen with the proper notehead.
Ditto the above.

I'm assuming that it won't work with Finale until I load a template - is that correct? I haven't be able to get sound from Finale yet, so I'm guessing that's the problem.
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