Marching Winds Library

My company is currently in production on a marching winds library to compliment the incredible VDL libraries.

No current library exists to produce band wind samples. Saxes in every library are only good for jazz and orchestral brass samples make your mock-ups sound like 6 Viennese Horn Players are sitting in tuxes on the 50, rather than a wall of mellophones. Project SAM comes the closest, but the sound is still not characteristic of a band, and doesn't have samples of our instruments. The only baritone or euphonium sample of an quality is the Dan Dean Euphonium and it doesn't fit what we're doing here. No library of marching brass from trumpets, mellophones, marching baritones, marching euphoniums, marching tubas, sousaphones....etc exists to date. Its time to produce a library of winds that can do what Tapspace and VDL did for marching percussion. Expect the woodwinds in around Christmas, and the marching brass to follow that. Talks are currently underway to secure a Div. I Drum Corps for the recordings...much like Tapspace has done. The goal is to make this library most efficient for consumers like those here at Tapspace. People using notation software that need to effectively create scores for their bands and corps need the tools to do so.

Good things are coming!!!

Stay tuned for details....time to run to the mailroom and see if my VDL:2 has arrived.

Again, wonderful job Tapspace!
Not many people voting or replying.
Please give your input if you have the time. It will help us to create the best product in the end.

On a side-note:
I'm watching the UPS tracking page...VDL:2 is somewhere within a 20 mile radius on deliery now.
I can't wait to throw in the drums for this year's show.
This is certainly a lofty veture, best of luck to you. I think you should consider your market when deciding which instruments to include in your samples. While a drum corps playing my music would be cool, it isn't something that is realistic for me. I write for marching bands and would rather have those specific instruments available to me rather than bugles.

Thanks for the reply.

We didn't plan on doing the G bugles, I was just curious if anyone out there was in need. I recently had a student transfer into our program from a military academy. And along with his great discipline, he brought his G bugle from the drum corps at his school. While very low on our list of priorities, it made me think that maybe for future updates, bugles might be useful to people working in that small genre of musc. We are currently working on the marching band recordings. We are discussing sessions with a Div. I corps for the second phase of marching brass. Only down the road would you see rare beasts like the bugles.

By the way, I got my VDL:2 today. Nicely done Tapspace. Does anyone know if Finale will see the Kontakt player as an option in the MIDI setup? So that you can route 1-48 to Gigastudio and 49-64 to VDL:2?
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