Finale Templates version 0.9.1 posted


Now available from the [b][url=]UPDATES[/url][/b] page are the VDL2 template files for Finale (separate versions for 2003, 2004, or 2005).

The VDL:2 templates were painstakingly created from scratch by members of our beta team, Bill Castillo, Ted Wheeler, David Enete, and Brady Sark. Kudos to these experts for creating such an important tool for using VDL2 within Finale and Sibelius.

[size=9px]This post was edited to reflect latest template versions posted.[/size]
Will this update work in Fin06?  I downloaded it, and Fin06 automatically updated.  Should it be working?  If not, when will the 06 update be coming out?

Thank you
The current Finale 2005 template seems to be working just fine when Finale 2006 opens/converts it. If you experience any problems, be sure to report them and updates can be made.
Cool.  The problem I have been having is sound.  I can see the blue line moving, so I know finale is getting a signal.  I just hear random sounds.  Why? 

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