Going beyond 8 voices

First, let me say, I just received VDL 2 and am blown away by the expansiveness and quality of samples. Bravo!!

My question is: what is the easiest, most efficient way to go beyond 8 voice polyphony? I read somewhere in the forums you could open VDL 2 multiple times, thus adding 16, or more voices. I've tried this and can't get it to work. I am using the Midi Yoke tool & Sibelius 3.

Sorry for the question, I have always been a Gigastudio user and Kontakt is totally new to me. Thanks for your help.
Hey Jason - for situations where you want more than 8-part multi timbrality, you have two basic options.

A) Load VDL2 sounds into the full version of Kontakt.


B) Load multiple plugi-in instances of the VDL2 player into a ";host"; program such as [url=http://www.plogue.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=35]Plogue's Bidule[/url] or [url=http://www.steinberg.net/ProductPage_sbf95b.html?Product_ID=2130]Steinberg's V-Stack.[/url]

Either way will feel a little different than what you're used to with Giga, however the new Kontakt2 will probably offer the most similar method. I believe NI honors a special upgrade discount for users of 3rd party Kontakt Player libraries such as VDL2.

As for loading plug-in instances, there was a discussion quite a while ago about Bidule that may be of some interest to you. At some point, we'll put together a tutorial on basic setup of these hosts, but for now maybe this thread can help. It's actually a really slick little program.

Hope this helps, and congrats on being one of the very first users of VDL2!! Thanks!
How do I set up the virtual drumline stand alone 8 voices to be used in addition with 8 Sibelius wind or percussion sounds. I accidently figured it out today but I am not sure how I did it. Thanks any advice would be great!
I opened 2 VDL2 Players and just made sure that I specified the channels in the player and Sibelius Mixer window. 16 working channels. I also use midiyoke.
You can do multiple instances in Windows... just like dirt says...

Launch a few, set each one to a different virtual midi cable.

Maple 1, chan 1-8
Maple 2, chan 1-8... that's 16.

You're probably not limited. In fact, in theory, you could do MidiYoke for 4, and Maple for 4, that's 8 * 8 channels, there's 64.

Better have a helluva CPU and RAM.
How do I specify channels with 2 open copies of VD2 player while working with Sibelius? Do you mean I can open 2 copies and hear 16 channels that are piped through Sibelius and that they are the only 2 programs besides midi yoke I need running?
Ok....I get it now but how do I make sure that midi yoke 1,2,3,4 etc show in the Sibelius mixer window? Does that have something to do with presets in the devices window in Sibelius? Or do I need to set it up in VD2?
In the Sibelius Mixer, each staff has a slider. Click on the name of the slider, and you can then alter the settings on that staff. For example, if you have an instrument that's loaded into a second instance of VDL2 (receiving input from Midi Yoke 2), simply set that staff to play out to MIDI Yoke 2. You do this in the DEVICE pulldown menu within the MIXER window. You can specify this setting for each staff in your Sib score.
In the mixer window if the midi yoke isn't even showing up on the pulldown you'll have to hit the ";reset sounds"; button in the mixer. Then go through and asign EACH instrument to that setting like Jim said to do.
Awesome! Thanks to everyone that helped! I also turned midiyoke input 1 off in the 2nd copy of VDL2 I had running. Otherwise I was getting sounds from 2 copies of VDL2 on the same channel assignments. Is that right?
Ok.....next music notation program. How do you set up Finale in the same fashion? I am sure it has do with the midi program setup in that program. How do you have 8 wind voices and 8 virtual drumline sounds on Finale 2005? I know how to set up vdl2 now. I just don't know how to set it up in the finale midi programming.
Check the manual on that one... let us know if you get snagged.
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