Finale 2005 Templates

Is it possible to get a Template made for Finale 2005? The 2003 Finale template version will not load on the newest version of Finale. Thanks.
I'm a Sibelius user primarily, but I use Finale from time to time. I just tried opening the template in Finale 2005 and it opened with no problems. The only thing that popped up is a message box telling me that the file was made on an older version of Finale, but that's to be expected.
Actually, I have Finale 2003 and I have encountered a problem w/ the Tenor and Bass mapping for it. I was using just the regular right and left hand hits for the drums in the Lite versions and the characters and lines were all messed up. I emailed Brady about it and I know he was looking into it since he helped build the Finale templates.
Thanks I'll try again and see if I can get it to work.
gbass: Try going into the staff attributes dialog box for the staff, selecting the percussion map, editing it, and clicking on the 'use all named notes' button.

Also be sure that you have selected Maestro Percussion for the notehead font.
Also, since this thread was started, there are new versions (v.0.9.1) of the VDL2 templates for Finale 2003 as well as Finale 2005. You can download them from the [url=]Updates Page.[/url]
Does the update fix the issue? I just got up and running last night and had the same issue with the tenors.

denete: Are you saying that the template wasn't saved with those options selected?
Not sure, but I'm using 2004 and they work for me. Tell us more about what you are seeing.
If you can explain how I attach a file, I'll upload it.
If you use any of the instruments other than the ";Full/Lite";versions, you will need to change the keymap in the ";staff Attributes"; window. If you change a keymap, you need to select ";All Named Notes"; for it to take effect.
Im using the Lite version of both the snare and tenor. The snare worked fine, the tenor is completely off. Again, I would attach the file if I could.

I didn't change anything in the keymap for the tenors, although it's possible that I might have looked at it. Should I then just open it again and click the 'all named notes' button? Regardless, I just started writing, so I'll probably start again with the new templates tonight and see if that solves it.
You need the newer templates (0.9.1). Our original idea was to make a version that worked in 2003 and in theory would work up through 2005b. The problem is that the architecture is different in 2003 and created some anomalies in the template that were not present in 2004 and 2005. To be safe we created a template for each ";major"; revision.

If you run into problems with the newer templates, send me the file via e-mail and I will take a look at it.
The new templates seem to be working fine.
I am working on an older file that I created on the Finale 2005 percussion mapping. I am trying to switch it over but with the new template under the staff attributes I am unable to find the keymap for the Finale 2005 map. Am I missing something?
If you're working on a score that already contains Finale 2005 Marching Percussion mapping, you should be able to just use that. Their mapping is built into your old score. All you'd need to change is to set the MIDI from Finale to route out to VDL2 (in MIDI setup), where you'd have the Finale 2005 Combo instrument loaded on channel 10.
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