VDL2 with ProTools 6.1 LE

Is anyone out there using VDL2 as a plug-in for ProTools LE?

I have reinstalled both programs and it still does not seem to want to appear in my AudioSuite menu. I looked in the ";C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins"; folder, there are two files for each plug-in. For example the VDL2 plug-in should have [i]VirtualDrumline2RTAS.dpm[/i] and [i]VirtualDrumline2RTAS.dpm.rsr[/i]. However I don't see the [i].rsr[/i] file.

Is this file missing from the VDL2 install? Is this file not necessary? Or am I barking (troubleshooting) up the wrong tree?

ProTools 6.1 LE (mbox)
Win XP
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I think I got it, just need to figure out how to work with it! =)
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