VDL2 Keymaps

Is it possible that the keymaps could be released in a pdf format?

No big deal if not but I think it might be easier for people to use if they can have a pdf file open on their desktop to refer to while writing music using VDL2. It would probably be easier for people to read as well since the print in the user guide is kind of small.

Just a suggestion.
I ";second"; this motion!!  It would be great to have the keymaps on-screen via acrobat, or just to print out for a hard copy to supplement the manual. 
I guess the only danger of that (and maybe this is the pessimistic software developer in me talking) is that not providing an essential piece of literature for software in any other format than hardcopy is a piracy deterrent.  Sure you can poke around until you figure out what it is, photocopy the pages, etc. but a lot of times people see things like ";see your manual"; in software they pirate and actually buy the real thing.  And in two-authorization licensing like VDL2, only having one hard copy of the manual does also discourgae ";hey friend of mine, I'm not using my other authorization, do you want VDL2?"; situations as well.

That's toally tangental to your question, and in fact I doubt that's the reason why you don't have a pdf version of the keymaps (weren't they in VDL1?) included in VDL2.  Just kind of rambling. =o)

I am sure Quark or whatever layout tool they used to make the manual would be able to export to PDF just fine, if they think distributing pdf keymaps should be allowed.

Good points, Justin.  I'm sure that most of us who aren't software developers would have never thought of that viewpoint to begin with; I certainly didn't.

Perhaps an alternative would be for Tapspace to join up with Native Instruments, and make the PDF download from the NA website, for authorized users only. I suppose this wouldn't block the user who has downloaded the PDF manual from sending to others illegally?  But perhaps keymaps only, not the entirety of the manual (along with keymaps originally excluded from the manual due to space and time restraints).

Just thinking...
[quote author=CPISARRA link=topic=543.msg2680#msg2680 date=1120217792]
(along with keymaps originally excluded from the manual due to space and time restraints). [/quote]

Except the fact that the keymaps you guys have in the book are the only ones that were ever created.  I remember when Jim was working on the keymaps, I'm sure he doesn't want to go back and create anymore.
I can see where it would be helpful for many folks if we had PDFs available for the keymaps. When we were 'under the gun' to get the product shipping, there was a continual thought in the back of my head that I had hoped to revisit the keymap ";stepchildren"; and complete those, and simply make them available as a download. I think this will be forthcoming, so stay tuned. :)
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