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I still am having problems getting the VD2 software to work. I have followed all of the steps in the manual but when it comes to playback on Sibelius using Device manager to reset sounds it completly dumps the virtual midi program. I am running into the same problem on Finale. I think that I am probably not doing something the correct way but I need some direction in the intial setup. I just am not getting the playback on the notation files to work correctly. Can someone that knows how to set this up give me some advice on this? Thanks...I need to get up and running as soon as possible.
I have been able to install midi yoke. After you download midiox you need to go back to the site for xp installation instructions. The address is www.midiox.com/midiyoke_instxp.htm Thanks to all for the help!
Thanks Jim I'll try again with midi yoke. Didn't know to download NT as the version I needed for XP. The VD2 software is awesome!!!!!
[quote=";percatap";]I've started the process and found that in the midi input on virtual drumline it does not show midi yoke on the inputs. What have I missed?[/quote]
It sounds like you may not have properly installed MIDI Yoke. There are very good step-by-step instructions on [url=http://www.midiox.com]MidiOX[/url], which can be just a little tricky if you're not following along. Use the Windows NT version to install into XP.
Ok....for those that are having the same problem the midiox for some reason was not working. So I downloaded the midimaple and now I am fully operational. I am using windows xp and an athlon processor with 1 gig ram if someone needs to compare system problems. Thank you so much for your help!
I've started the process and found that in the midi input on virtual drumline it does not show midi yoke on the inputs. What have I missed?
Thank you I'll try that. Sorry I am little new to the forum and how it is supposed to work. I 'll start keeping the same topic in the reply line. Thank you for your advice.
please don't keep starting new threads everytime you have a problem- it's easier to address if you keep it all in one...

Be sure that you setup the actual VDL2 player correctly. After you have installed your virtual MIDI device (MIDI Yoke), you must open the VDL2 player and go File > Setup > MIDI button. Then in the ";Input Interface"; window make sure you have enabled all of the devices. For example, Turn all of the MIDI Yoke NT: 1,2,3 etc. to ";Yes."; Also make sure all of the outputs are set to ";off"; in the window below.


Then go back to Sibelius and make sure the output or ";playback devices"; are set correctly. You want to turn off your soundcard and turn on the MIDI Yoke channels.


Also make sure you are using the VDL2 Sibelius template and keymaps for writing or else you will not be triggering the correct note and you still wouldn't hear anything. You may also get an error that says something like ";your instruments may playback incorrectly, do you wish to reset them?"; and select NO.
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